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BREATHWORK for Releasing Heavy Emotions

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Heavy emotions, like sadness, grief + anger are not negative or bad. These feelings are a part of the human emotional spectrum + are necessary for experiencing life to the fullest. How would you feel excitement if you never felt boredom, joy without grief? Processing these emotions can often be difficult + we may choose instead, to bury them deep within, not realizing that we end up carrying them around with us. Over time, these stuck emotions can wreak havoc on you physically, emotionally + mentally.

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that helps release these stuck emotions, especially the heavy ones, the hard ones, the ones you pushed in deep. It is a gift to allow yourself to lighten your emotional weight, to make space for more love, more creativity, more flow.

Sunday October 20
7:00-8:30 pm
Arch Haus Studio
3274 E. 7th St.

** Please bring a yoga mat + blanket.

Exchange $33
Option to pay via Venmo to @Sabrina-Rollo